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Bedding The BillionaireShe thinks they’re a mistake
I’ve spent my whole life working toward my goals, being the best I can be at my job. Arrogant, persistent, pain in the skirt billionaire Colin Huntley isn’t going to change that, even if he is the hottest man I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. And pleasure is definitely something the man can deliver, without question. Our single, mind blowing night together was a mistake, though. A one-night stand brought on by a lapse in judgment. One I won’t make again, so long as I stay strong as he starts his chase. Because when Colin decides he wants something, he gets it. And he’s decided he wants me.
He always gets what he wants
Sloane McLaren may be the best VP I’ve ever had, but she taunts me every day in her tight little skirts and her librarian-fantasy glasses. Especially since that night. The one when I had her in my bed, in my shower, bent over my kitchen counter. I thought we were finally on the same page…until I woke up to cold sheets and an empty bed. She may assume it’s business as usual in the office, but I didn’t build my billion-dollar company on assumptions. I want her back in my bed, and I’m willing to play dirty to get her there.

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The Temperance Falls Miniseries

May-December Romances with Unexpected Pairings and Opposites Attract Romances with an Original Sin Twist. Welcome to Temperance Falls.

Daddy’s Best Friend
Eve & Nathan

Book one in the Temperance Falls: Experience Counts Series
She's temptation personified
He's not going to resist anymore

Daddy’s Best Friend
Genesis & Brandon

Book Two in the Temperance Falls: Experience Counts Series
She's the definition of trouble
He can't stop fantasizing about her

Nanny With Benefits
Bailey & Josh

Book Three in the Temperance Falls: Experience Counts Series
She's completely off limits
His control is slipping

Nanny With Benefits
Harper & Noah

Book One in the Temperance Falls: Selling Sin Series
She's too sinful to resist
He could lose it all if he gives in

Cuff Me
Connor & Lola

Book two in the Temperance Falls: Selling Sin Series
She's an original sin sort of bad
He's one of the good guys

Cuff Me
Talk Dirty To Me
Riley & Kate

Book three in the Temperance Falls: Selling Sin Series
She’s the one thing he won’t give up on
He’s a distraction she can’t afford

Talk Dirty To Me


Friends get a second chance at love during their high school reunion

She’s ready to move on
High school reunions are supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, mine starts with a storm that traps me in a house with my newly ex-boyfriend…and his hot-as-sin stepbrother. Luke kept in touch with me over the years, but not like this. Not with his hands, his fingers…his mouth. If my ex finds out, it’s more than just a friendship on the line. I could destroy a family.

He’s done holding back
Hannah’s been off-limits for twelve long years, ever since my stepbrother swooped in and claimed her before I could. As if coveting from afar isn’t bad enough, now I have to suffer through our ten-year reunion watching them together. But things aren’t as perfect in paradise as it would seem. One overheard conversation between them, and I’m ready to throw caution to the wind. If my stepbrother can’t make her scream, I’m more than happy to get the job done.

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The last thing a newly hired dean should be doing is one of his students

Seducing His StudentDirty flirting with the unbelievably hot barista at Bundt & Grind café is not how Elliott Goodridge should be spending his time. Temperance Falls College hired him to counteract a scandal—not burn through his paychecks on overpriced coffee with a side of impure thoughts.

For the amount of time college student Samantha Monroe spends fantasizing about the new guy in town, she should know more than just his name. But despite putting out all kinds of signs that she’s down for, well, putting out, Elliott hasn’t made a move. Yet.

By the time the truth is revealed, it’s too late to stop the charge between them. Sparks fly, but so do rumors. For Elliott, a day without his hands on Sam is too long—and two orgasm-free weeks until graduation is flat-out impossible.

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A stepbrother’s baby romance

Knocking Her UpShe wants a baby
All I’ve ever desired is a family of my own. Too afraid I’ll follow in my late mother’s footsteps, I plan to have a baby before time runs out. Problem is, I fell in love with someone unattainable. John Hamilton is kind, thoughtful, and generous…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s built like a Mack truck. I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and ask him to be the father of my child. The only problem? He’s my stepbrother, and it could destroy our family.

He’s always wanted her
The first time I met Emery Collins, she was a scrawny teenager…and my new stepsister.  She’s a grown woman now, and every long, hard inch of me has taken notice. But with our family ties, she’s officially off limits. Too bad she’s come to me with something she wants, something she needs from me. Now I can’t stop dreaming of filling her…of watching her belly swell with my child. What she’s asking for could tear apart our cobbled-together family. I’m just not sure it’s enough to stop me from taking what I want.

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All’s Fair in Love and Business

Tapping That AssetShe only wanted one night
Being on the road all the time because of the family business makes for a lot of lonely nights. So when handsome, charming AJ Phelps finds me in the hotel bar, I’m ready for more than casual conversation. After an amazing night, my hope to continue a brief affair with the town charmer is derailed when I come face to face with him the following day. This time, he’s not just handsome, charming AJ. He’s all business…and the owner of the brewery my brother is dead set on ruining. All may be fair in love and war, but there’s nothing as cut throat as beer and business.

He wants all her nights
As an ex-pro baseball player turned business owner, I have it all. Or I thought I did until Kennedy Rochester crossed my path. A one night stand with a woman as hot, intelligent, and feisty as that? No brainer. At least not until the following morning when she steps into my brewery and tells me in no uncertain terms her family business is there to put me out of mine. I should loathe her for threatening my livelihood, but I don’t. I can’t. Not when all I think about when I look at her is our single, toe-curling night together. Not when I’d give nearly anything for just one more.

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